7.1 Starting an P11D Form

7.1.1 Linked to an SA100

If you have already created an SA100 for one of your clients and you wish to do a P11D as well, then you can go from the employment additional pages to the P11D form by clicking on the button labelled P11D…

The fixed information such as employee’s details and employer’s details are automatically transferred from the employment pages.

7.1.2 Non Linked P11D

If you are have not completed an SA100 for the individual concerned, but still wish to create a P11D, you should enter through the icon as described below.

Make sure that the Forms Completion System is not already running another form, before you select the ProTax-P11D icon.

7.2 Basic Form Filling Operations

Chapter 2 of this manual covers the procedures for operating the Form Completion System. This part of the program is utilised by all the Forms and you should refer to that chapter of the manual for the common procedures.

7.3 Computations

Computations will be automatically updated by entering figures into the relevant boxes on the P11D. Car benefit calculations are carried out automatically. Make sure you have filled all the relevant boxes relating to that computation and that dates are entered in the correct format i.e. dd/mm/yy using numerals.

7.4 Transferring figures on to the SA100

You may wish to transfer the figures back from the P11D to the employment pages of the person’s SA100 tax return form. To do this select Form from the File menu. Then select the SA100 form for the correct year. The figures will automatically come across to the employment pages.

7.5 Saving the P11D

The P11D is saved as part of the client’s tax return file.
In this sense it is like a backing schedule to the main return.
You can save the tax file from within either the P11D module or the SA100 module.
Refer to chapter 2 of this manual for further information on saving your work.
When you load that client’s tax file the next time you use it, you will be taken to either the SA100 or the P11d, depending which module you saved the file in.
Use File and Form to change between the forms.

7.6 Completing a P11DB and multiple P11Ds

7.6.1 Adding P11Ds to a P11DB

Start work on a P11DB.
Use the multicolored add pages button to add a P11D form for each employee.
After you have completed all P11Ds, make a change to the P11DB to kick off a calculation.
This will calculate the class 1A.

7.6.2 Import

It is still possible to complete “stand alone” p11ds, using the P11d button on the employment pages, or throught your own icon.
However we are encouraging people to go the P11DB route as this allows electronic lodgement.
If you have created a standalone P11D and you want to use bring the figures onto the P11D pages of a P11DB, you add a set of p11d pages to the p11db and then use the “import” button that appears on the top of the p11d.
When prompted select the standalone P11d you have already completed.

7.7 Internet filing P11DB/P11D

Complete a P11DB and associated P11Ds for all employees. See above for details.
Once you have done this you can transit the P11DB and P11Ds by clicking on the FBI tab and following the same instructions as for FBI of SA100 forms.