10.1 Basic Form Filling Operations

Chapter 2 of this manual covers the procedures for operating the Form Completion System. This part of the program is utilised by all the Forms and you should refer to that chapter of the manual for the common procedures.

Use Form from the File menu to change forms.

10.2 Electronic Filing

Forbes Company secretarial software now contains support for electronic filing of forms and for the electronic creation of companies.

setting up email address.

In following sections we will take you through filing a 363 annual return

10.3 Filing a form 363

10.3.1 Getting Started

Complete the 363 in the normal way.

We recommend you complete the form from cosec. See …

10.3.2 Transmitting

Press the fbi tab

10.3.3 Personal Authentication Details

10.3.4 Viewing the response

10.4 Other forms

For other forms such as 287, follow the instructions above