Data entry and navigation have been designed to be flexible and user friendly, allowing data entry either directly onto the return or by means of data screens. This flexibility allows both a high level of functionality and a very short learning curve.

ProTax handles all the supplementary pages including Lloyds underwriters and Ministers of religion.
As you complete the return it is constantly being checked against hundreds of validation rules guaranteeing the integrity of the data.
The system then prepares and produces the comprehensive tax liability computation.

We also have a comprehensive database of UK dividends
supplied by exchange data securities taxation service. This dividend service gives you immediate access to a vast database of easily searchable dividend information integrated with the Forbes schedules.
Exchange Data International is a leading provider of high quality securities data.

  • Many innovative features such as on screen ‘sticky notes’
  • On screen forms and backing schedules
  • Clear summary of all data on return
  • Comprehensive calculation
  • Information Request generation
  • ProTax Log – keeps track of progress on all returns
  • Validation assistant
  • Linking with other packages including accounts
  • SA800 – automatic update of data from SA800 to individual SA100s
  • CTSA – includes adjusted profit and marginal rate calculations
  • Further information
    download demo software – ProTax

    Electronic Transmission

    Forbes is the market leader in Internet Filing and we are the only software
    supplier to provide the full range of internet filing.
    The HMRC is clearly committed to enhancing the use of technology in
    filing tax returns via the internet.
    The benefits of Internet Filing are wide ranging, but include
    a rapid response from the Revenue (usually within 20 seconds), critical near deadlines, and much quicker processing
    of repayments.We strongly suggest the use of ProTax
    FBI to enhance your tax service.