Forbes CIS is a CIS managament suite designed to be very easy to use.
It is intended for use by both bureau services and in house. It consists of three modules :-

  • CISbase – is a proprietry database and managment system for keeping track of payments to subcontractors.
  • GovEX – handles interaction with the HMRC via the Government Gateway.
  • CISlink – this is a customisable bidirectional link to external databases.
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  • Monthly payments to subcontractors.
  • Electronic processing of verification numbers.
  • CIS 340 appendix E compliant pay and deductions sheets.
  • Comprehensive logging of interaction with HMRC.
  • Customisable integration with third party products.
  • Links to other Forbes packages.
  • Versions available for small, medium, large contractors and bureau services.
  • Availabilty

    CISassist is now available. Please contact for further information. Forbes also host a Government Gateway emulator so that you can to test transmissions of electronic CIS in advance of the HMRC system going live.

    Further information

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    Demonstration version

    Click here to download a demo.