22.1 Demonstration data

There is a set of demonstration data available.

Do NOT install this if you are an exiting Forbes user !

22.2 Clientbase

22.2.1 Starting ClientBase

ClientBase is the central database for all the Forbes products.
It acts as an index to all the product specific data maintained by the individual products.

Click on the ClientBase icon on your desktop or choose Start / Programs / Forbes Systems / Practice management / Clientbase.

22.2.2 ClientBase

The clientbase Window is split into 2. The bottom half is referred to as the ClientList.
You will see a number of demonstration clients listed here.
Selecting a client will show more details in the top window.

22.2.3 The LaunchBar

Along the top of ClientBase and many of the other Forbes programs you can see the launchbar shown above.
Select a client in the client list window, such as JC01.

When asked, select the SA100 option.

22.3 ProTax personal

22.3.1 Starting ProTax

The recommended way of going into ProTax is via the Launchbar. See 22.3 above.
You can also go via the start menu.

22.3.2 Data Entry via the Form

You may navigate around the form using the page tabs down the right hand side.
Go to page 3 and enter 5000 in box 10.5 and the press enter.

22.3.3 Computation

22.3.4 Wizard

The wizard tab takes you to a wizard that will guide you through completing a return.
It is a useful alternative to enter directly on to the form.

22.3.5 Schedule

Go to page 3 of the return.

This will take you to a dividend schedule.
The schedule screen is in 3 main area, the one to the top left shows the schedules in this return.
The top right shows the lines in the currently selected schedule and the bottom half of the screen shows a preview of the finished schedule.

For dividend based schedules the optional dividend database and portfolio manager is accessed by pressing the register button.
The portfolio manager keeps track of share holdings both for dividend income and capital gains purposes.

22.3.6 Summary

The summary tab produces a useful summary of the data on the return.
This is the only hardcopy required if you are filing electronically.

22.3.7 FBI – internet filing

When you have completed a return you can transmit it to the HMRC by clicking on the FBI/Transmit tab.

22.3.8 Log

ProTax keeps track of successful and unsuccessful transmission.
Using the log tab you can check the status of the returns of all your clients.

22.3.9 Help

This tab contains links to further documentation and our website.

22.3.10 Capital Allowances

Go to the self-employment pages by clicking on the orange self-employment icon to the left of the form.

This will take you into the capital allowances program.

Within the CA program you can add pools and periods in a straight forward manner.
When you have finished, exit and answer Yes to save the changes.

22.4 ProTax CT

22.4.1 Starting ProTax CT

This tutorial refers to the demonstration data that can be installed in section 22.0 above.

To start the CT software, go into the client database (described above) and select the demonstration client JC01. Using the launchbar, select the tax icon.

When asked, select the CT600 option.

Experiment by filling out the return manually.
The CT liability will update automatically on page 4 of the full CT return or page 2 of the short.

22.4.2 Capital allowances

With the CT return on screen, select Capital Allowances from the launchbar at the top of the screen.

Within the CA program you can add pools and periods in a straight forward manner.
When you have finished, exit and answer Yes to save the changes.

If you are using Forbes Accounts and Fixed Asset register, the statement of capital allowances will have been completed automatically.

22.4.3 Adjusted profit computation

Next to box 3 on (profits) there is an icon for the adjusted profit computation.

If you are using Forbes Accounts, the adjusted profit computation will have been completed automatically.

22.4.4 Liability Computation

Click on the computation tab at the bottom of the screen to see the liability computation.

22.4.5 XBRL

The HMRC have adopted a new generic style of computation using XBRL.
This includes capital allowances, adjusted profit and liability computation.
At the time of writing Forbes is the only CT package to support this.
Choose Tools / CT / XBRL.

22.5 Accounts

22.5.1 Starting Accounts

Select the client FORD and click on the accounts icon in the Launchbar. When asked, select the 2004 period end.

22.5.2 Navigation

The accounts window is has a main working area with a navigation window down the left hand side.

Click on “data sources” then “bank payments”. This will show the list of bank payment schedules.
Click on one of these. These and other schedules are the prime method of data entry.
Experiment with changing some figures.

Press OK when you are complete.

22.5.3 Trial Balance

Click on Trial Balance in the Navigation window to generate a TB from the underlying data in the schedules.

Choose Formatted accounts in the Navigation window. Answer Yes and then select the format of interest – such as Company or Small Company.
The formatted accounts will be produced on screen.

You may use the client button on the launchbar to select a different client. Example ST is a sole trader, PB is a partnership and JC01 and FORD are limited companies.

22.5.4 Excel

The accounts software links up with excel.
Choose Tools then Export then Excel.
You may make changes in the excel data, save and then choose Tools / Import /Excel.

22.5.5 Tax

Choosing the tax button from the launchbar will take you to the appropriate tax return.
Try this for sole trader, partnership and limited company.

22.6 Company Secretarial

22.6.1 Starting Company Secretarial

Select the client FORD and click on the accounts icon in the Launchbar

The various tabs allow you to view the registers of officers, members etc.


Click on the Event button and select the “Director/Secretary Appointment” Event.
You will be prompted to complete the directors details.
You will then see a list of outstanding actions.
Pressing the “Do it now” button will perform the next action.
A form 288a will be produced.
If you wish to file this electronically you would click on the FBI/transmit tab.
A standard minute will be added to the next meeting minutong the appointment and the rgister of officers will be updated.

22.7 Payroll

22.7.1 Starting Payroll

Select the client FORD and click on the payroll icon in the Launchbar

The payroll window is divided into 3 areas.
Towards the top left is a list of employees together with buttons for adding and deleting etc.
To the top right is a list of pay for the currently selected employee.
The botton half of the screen contains various reports.

Click on the first employee – Donald Ford. Click on paye period M1.
Clicking on the “Details” button will show you the break down of their pay.
Make some changes and press OK then OK again to return the main window.
Click on the payslip tab or the payroll tab to see the effect of the changes that you have made.

22.7.2 Linking to P11Ds

Choose P11D foms from the Company menu.

22.8 Tempus Time and Fees

22.8.1 Starting Tempus

Select the client FORD and click on the Tempus icon in the Launchbar

22.9 Standard Letters

22.10 Conclusion

Hopefully this brief tutorial has given you a feel for the Forbes software.
Please feel free to email us at support@tax.co.uk or telephone 01908 584674 if you have any questions.