“We have used the Forbes software since the start of self-assessment and we
believe it provides very good value for money. The software is not expensive
compared to other suppliers and the service is always prompt and helpful. We
would have no hesitation in recomending Forbes to other users.”

Robson Udale Limited

“Have been using Forbes since 1994 & am laughing when I think of the money I’ve saved over other systems, as well as the considerable time saving by using an effecient all-in-one system.”
Keith Jones & Co

“When Self-Assessment was first introduced, I received several invitations to
attend seminars etc to demonstrate tax software. The only software supplier
not to ‘rubbish’ the opposition was Forbes. After seeing a live
demonstration of the ease of use, I was a ‘Forbes believer’, when a product
is this good you do not have to make comparisons.

I have continued to be impressed with the level of support, both by
telephone and internet. Courses and seminars conducted by the Forbes
Team have been clear and helpful, and I look forward to many more. It
is interesting to note that Forbes do take on board comments and criticism
and are very patient when a customer has a problem.

I have no hesitation in recommending Forbes Taxation Software”

MIDAS Pay$Łip Ltd

“We have used the Forbes tax suite since 1998. At various times we have
also looked at other packages including the big names such as xxxx and
xxxx. In my opinion none of the others we have seen can compare with the
ease of use of Forbes. What we have also seen is that Forbes are usually at
the front of new developments – such as ‘File by Internet’ and electronic
submission of forms, e.g. SA800 far ahead of the competition. If a problem arises
– which is not very often – Forbes are always helpful”

Andrews & Summers

“I have now been a very satisfied Forbes customer for the past 7 years.

I am delighted with your product, regularly using the personal tax, corporation tax , P11d and tempus packages. I have been an electronic filer for the past 6 years. I was especially pleased to file my first CT600 return electronically.

Your company is innovative and your fees reasonable.

Keep up the good work.”

Ian Wolfson & Co

“Our long term use of the Forbes tax software should speak for itself – ‘it
does exactly what it says on the tin!’

I can’t believe we are now approaching the eighth year of Self Assessment with Forbes.

My tax returns have become routine – thank god we don’t have to do the tax
calculations manually! After ten years of using Forbes, it fills me with dread at the thought
of having to do my tax returns without their software.”

Princep Pardoe

“Brilliant – easy to use – the best!
Saves me ŁŁŁŁ in time and effort – my
clients really like the computation & summaries. It
represents excellent value for money. The Inland Revenue
never complain or comment about my returns going in using
I could not work effectively without Forbes Protax.”


“Without doubt the best tax software if, like me, you read the taxation magazine
reviews once a year. For regular users it’s as good as it gets. Only minor
problems from time to time which a phone call will sort out immediately”

Calros Ltd

“I am really impressed with the software and don’t understand why I paid so
much more for xxxx to start off with. Had I known about this program I would
be, literally, thousands of pounds better off than I am now. The support you
offer is fantastic, so much better than that offered by xxxx, who seem
intent on buying up every other software house to bring their service down
to xxxx levels. This will never happen with Forbes!”

DSS associates

“We continue to be delighted with the Forbes product and service.”

Alexander Moore & Company