In 1993, Forbes Computer Systems released the first Windows tax package available in the UK. Since then our list of clients has grown impressively every year. This is due to our innovative approach to software development, resulting in the widest range of tax packages available to UK tax practitioners.

Not only were we the first to produce a Windows package, but we have continued to impress with our fast-track development of Electronic Lodgment (ELS) and Filing by Internet (FBI). We were also the first UK software house to produce an entirely online FBI tax solution. Although our software is highly innovative, it remains intuitive and easy to learn. Cross product compatibility and integration has further enhanced this.

Continuous improvement of our products and support remain our primary goals. It is through this strategy that we have successfully competed in an aggressive market place. Our close bond with our clients has ensured that we are one of the few independent tax software developers in the UK. This will remain so. Our approach to training and technical support enables our clients to get the most out of the software.

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The company has embraced electronic filing whole heartedly from the first days of the electronic lodgement service through to the latest filing by internet services.
Excellent value for money.
This is, perhaps, why they have not only the extensive range of tax modules, but arguably the most user friendly software available.

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We have been using Forbes tax return and ELS software since Self Assessment
was introduced. The software has two essential qualities that we need: It
works and it is reliable. As tax is a large part of our work it would not
be unreasonable to say that Forbes played a part in our winning of
‘Accounting Technician of the year award’ in the 2000 Accountancy Age awards
for excellence.
Forbes Tax Software and its seamless integration with IR on-line filing, has elevated the annual preparation of tax Returns from a real chore, with significant amounts of time being spent computing the tax liability, to completing all and any pages of a Return on-screen, followed by the press of a keyboard button to print the Return, computation and supporting schedules, then another to send the same information directly to the IR central computer. Forbes have done all the hard work to make the preparation and filing of annual Tax Returns a breeze. We cannot thank you enough.

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