Forbes Computer Systems Ltd
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Aspley Guise
Milton Keynes
MK17 8HQ

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Since we were first established in 1993 by David Forbes, we have been
producing a range of taxation and other software, aimed at the
accountancy and legal professions. All our software is written specifically for Windows.

Our taxation packages are developed by a team consisting of qualified software
developers and accountants. The harmony of this multi-disciplinary team has
resulted in our taxation packages being some of the most technically advanced
on the market. We have designed all the packages to be simple, yet versatile to use.
All our packages are updated and improved regularly. For this we listen to the
suggestions of our users. This has resulted in taxation software that is quick to learn, yet
encompasses advanced technology such as Filing by Internet and XBRL.

We also remain dedicated to research and development. It is not our policy to let
other people bear the brunt of research and development costs, whilst others reap
the benefits later. We remain dedicated to the advancement of the Internet Filing
in order to meet the needs of our clients.

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