How do I attach a Capital Gains computation to the tax return?
There are two solutions to this:
1) Create your own Captial Gains computation (in excel for example) and then print it to pdf (using a free pdf writer, e.g. PDF995). Open up your tax return in Protax and choose File->Attachments->Add and add the pdf file.
2) Use our inbuilt CGT Wizard:

  • Go to the Captial Gains sub pages
  • Click the CGT wizard button in the Top-Left hand corner
  • Click Add
  • Fill in the Type, Usage, Description, Is Estimate, Whether it was held at 1982, Aquisition Date, Disposal Date, Aquisition Price and Disposal Price
  • Click Calulate to fill in the rest of the table, or enter the values manually
  • Click OK when you are finished
  • Add more CGT Disposals
  • When you are finished, click the OK button
  • This then produces the computation in Internet Explorer and attaches the computation to the tax return
  • I cannot see where the tax calculation figure is placed on the tax return. It used to be in box 18.3?
    The tax calculation has been moved by the HMRC to a subpage. Go to add pages->CC Tax Calculation. The box CAL1 shows you the tax calculation figure.
    I cannot see where to put:Interest from gilt edged and other UK securities (and accrued income profits), Life insurance gains, Age related married couple’s allowance and other information previously seen on the main form.
    The Additional Information subpages are for less common types of income, deductions and tax reliefs, and for other information. Go to add pages->AI Additional Information.
    I am getting an error 3000 on a partnership return
    Remove the entry form box 9.1
    I am getting an error 3000 on a CT return or SA return with attachments
    Make sure the attachment filename does not contain & characters
    I am getting a rejection for a CT return with associated companies
    If you are using box 41 make sure you complete box 40 also (with a zero)
    Where can I find instructions for Payroll FBI?
    Instructions for payroll FBI are at
    Where can I find an up to date manual?
    A detailed manual can be found at
    How do I link up with excel
    The answer to this question can be found at
    How does the New Dividend Database work?
    The dividend database is provided on the CD, and on a separate internet download. A separate license is required for the product, which costs £55+vat. To access the dividend database, click on the schedule tab, then Insert Schedule, Dividends. Insert a new line and click on the Database button.
    If the software has correctly installed and the license unlocked, the first line should read 3I GROUP GBP0.50. Find the dividend you want and select OK. Fill in the number of shares and the net, tax and gross are automatically calculated.
    How do I get a breakdown of pay on the payslip ?
    How do I use the codes on the payslip ?
    The information you require is available by clicking on the following link :
    Where can I find out about internet filing ?
    Click on the following link, and then further information
    How do I copy data from one computer to another ?
    Click on the following link, and then further information
    My Brother printer is printing certain text as a mirror image of itself. What should I do?
    Firstly try to download an updated brother printer driver from their website, Alternatively
    do the following:

    Go to the start menu, click on control panel.

    Double-click on Printers and Faxes.

    Then click on ‘Add a printer’, click on next.

    Choose local printer or network printer, then click next.
    Select the printer port (usually LPT1), next.

    The wizard then asks you to select the make and model of your printer driver.
    DO NOT choose BROTHER. Select HP from the list on the left under manufacturer.
    On the right, select HP Color LaserJet. Click next.

    Choose your printer name. Follow the intructions and click Finish.