A comprehensive database for all your client information.
Clientbase is linked to the personal, partnership, trust and corporation tax modules, allowing you to select a client from the sorted list and go directly to their tax return.

Clientbase is also excellent for producing standard letters or mailshots, by linking to your wordprocessor(word, amipro etc). A standard letter template comes with the package. You can then edit this to produce any number of standard letters in your own format. Any of the fields in the client database can be shown on the letters.

0 Tempus Time and Fees

Tempus is a time-recording package for single or multiple fee earner organisations. Each fee earner can enter time onto a daily or weekly time sheet.
Rates can be set on a per fee earner and per task basis.
Upon completion the time sheet is posted to the central database for processing.
This can be done over a network allowing individuals to have their own time sheets on their PCs, whilst the client and time databases are on a server.

The system allows you to view WIP and time recorded reports.
These reports may be filtered to view time and fees relating to a particular client, fee earner, task, period etc.
The billing part of the program automatically generates invoices by linking to the client database.

You can select items from the WIP list and bill portions of these.
The WIP is then automatically updated.
If you are not using a fee-based payment structure, then a pre-billing option can be utilised for lump sum bills, standing order payments etc.
There is also a write-off facility to adjust the WIP.

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