Forbes CoSec is a powerful, yet simple to use Company Secretarial system.
It integrates closely with other Forbes products such as Time Recording, Payroll, Accounts and Tax.

Manual pages.

Manual – chapter 11
List of features:

  • Produce Companies House Forms
  • Click here for list of supported forms.

  • Electronically File Companies House Forms (avoid £15 increase in Companies House Annual Return filing fee when you file online)
  • Handles share transactions
  • Deals with resignations and appointment of directors and secretary
  • Generate standard minutes
  • Unlimited number of companies and entries.
  • Links with Forbes Accounts for XBRL accounts filing at Companies House.
  • Electronic Filing

    Forbes is fully CoSec is approved for electronic filing of the following Companies House forms.

  • CH01 Change of registered address
  • AP0x Appointment of director or secretary
  • TM0x Resignation of director or secretary
  • CH0x Change of particulars of director or secretary
  • AR01 annual return
  • SH01 return of allotment of shares
  • AD01 change of registered office
  • AA01 change of accounting date
  • Forbes Cosec also has add on modules for electronic company formation and accounts filing.


    Forbes is the technology leader in XBRL accounts filing with Companies House.
    In conjunction with Forbes Accounts, limited company accounts can br prepared using the data entry screens within accounts or the data can be imported in a number of formats.
    This imported data could be a trial balance, or full data including directors names etc.
    Click here
    to view a sample csv file suitable for generating a set of accounts.
    Click here
    to view the accounts that Companies House would receive. At present transmission is via email, but Companies House will soon be moving over to use the Government Gateway.

    EINC electronic incorporation

    The Forbes EINC module allows efficient company formation via the Companies House EINC gateway.
    The electronic incorporation form, together with the memorandum and articles which are converted to PCL format, are transmitted to Companies House electronically.
    After receipt and checking the incorporation certificate is sent back electronically.

    XML and Companies House interaction

    Companies House has now moved to an XML based system via the Government Gateway.
    Although this has many benefits from the user’s point of view it is, from a technical view, much more complex requiring specialised skills. Forbes is fortunate to be experts in this area.
    It was Forbes that designed the initial XML basis for tax return transmission, the first volume usage of the Government Gateway back in 1999.
    Forbes leads the field of electronic interaction with the government supporting many protocols including personal tax, CT, payroll, CIS and VAT.


    Forbes products can be integrated with your own back end databases and websites. We can undertake this work for you or you can engage your own software developers.

    Technical specification for integration.

    Demonstration version and Pricing

    The following prices are based on low volume usage in the accountancy industry.
    They allow you maintain the registers for 200 companies and do 75 company formations per annum.
    The licence is based on installation on a single machine.
    For higher volume formations please contact us supplying further details if you wish to negotiate a higher volume fixed price licence.

    Company Register £195+vat annually

    Electronic filing add on module £95+vat annually

    EINC add on module £95+vat annually

    Click here
    to download a demo version.

    Depending on what Forbes software you already have installed you may need to install the following also.

    Click here
    to install Forbes forms.