Forbes Accounts is a powerful, yet simple to use final accounts production system for accountants.
It integrates closely with other Forbes products such as Time Recording, Payroll, Company Secretarial and Tax.

The system is based on a model/view architecture.
The underlying data (codelist, schedules of transacations) referred to as the “model” is kept separate from the final output, known as the “view”.
The underlying data is entered through powerful and easy to use data schedules.
Alternatively there is full two way interaction with excel.
It is then formatted using one of a number of templates to produce the final accounts.

Key Features:

  • Final accounts for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies
  • XBRL enabled from the outset (see below for more detail)
  • A range of data entry options using data schedules and excel
  • Fully drillable working papers, giving access directly to schedules
  • Format based system – global changes made easily using simple formatter
  • Adjustment journals automatically cascaded through the financial statements
  • Pages and notes automatically inserted
  • Import from bookkeeping packages and excel
  • Unlimited clients
  • Easy to use – produces statutory accounts in minutes
  • XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)
    Information on XBRL

    Probably the best place to get started is to have a read through the manual via the following link

    Manual – chapter 9

    Sample Printouts

    Please note these example print outs are a number of years old. The software you can download below has the current CA2006 formats.

    Sole trader – full accounts
    Sole trader – income and expenses
    Partnership Accounts
    Limited Company Accounts
    Limited Company XBRL abbreviated accounts

    Demonstration version and Pricing

    Forbes Accounts is priced at £335 + VAT per annum.

    Click here
    to download a demo version.